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With the Tampermonkey for chrome add-on, you can add new features and change the look and feel of your web site with the help of scripts. For example, you can make the Google Web page black. It is possible to make these changes with a lot of scripts like this. Scripts ” you can download it from/”.

Add Tampermonkey scripts to Google Chrome
Aug 29, 2009
Note before reading: if you are using Google Chrome 4+, There is no official support for these scripts. I mean, when you enter the script you want to install, the script is installed directly as a chrome extension(we can also call extension). Therefore, there is no need for the following procedures. Those were for the Old Chromes. But I can do those who work, of course:D

Firefox’s most King Plugin, Tampermonkey to use Google Chrome is a few steps to do as follows (for XP)):

“C:\Documents and Settings\%username%\Local Settings\Application Data\Google\Chrome\user data\Default\User scripts are replaced by Tampermonkey scripts. (if you do not have the “user Scripts” folder in this location, you must create it)

Any chrome.right-click EXE, change the target as follows: “C:\Documents and Settings\%username%\Local Settings\Application Data\Google\Chrome\application\Chrome.exe” –enable-user-scripts

I mean, the end

is added.

A few scripts that work both in Firefox and Chrome:

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Easy Plugin for AdSense.

Please go to the plugin admin page to
Paste your ad code OR
Suppress this ad slot.

Adsweep: blocks the ridiculous advertising banners that appear on sites. To download:

Once the script is downloaded from the above address, it is copied into the “user Scripts” folder in Chrome. Ads on sites will no longer be blocked. To confirm that the script is running enter/ in the upper-right corner of the address “your AdSweep is currently active” is enough to see.

Firefox can be installed from:**

Facebook Fixer: a script that shows all kinds of small pictures on Facebook in their big way when they are waiting. He can show the whole album on one page. Creates a “download video” button next to the video window for shared videos. Even if you watched the video without downloading directly from the browser cache and paste it where you saved.

Firefox can be installed from:** can be used by pressing the “Install” button at the address.

For chrome: after the JScript code is copied and pasted into a text file, it is saved in its name, for example can be used by typing js and assigning it to the “user Scripts” folder. The important thing here is “.user.js” part.

*To use these scripts in Firefox, you must have the Tampermonkey plugin installed. To install: press “Add to Firefox” button.

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